Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super Pumped

Last year, my brother-in-law Sizzle made me aware of a young motocross phenom by the name of Ryan Dungey. His tagline is "I'm Supper Pumped!". This is amazing. I woke up this morning super pumped because I'm going back to the Woodlot with my buddy Ryan. Ryan's way better rider than me so I'm psyched to ride with him again and try to keep up and push myself to ride the same features he's hitting. Anyways, here's an awesome video with an awesome soundtrack that should get you super pumped for the day!


Brendan Howey Shredding on

Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Much Wood Could a Woodlot Lot if a...

Initially this weekend was booked with an attempt at the fabled Garibaldi Neve Traverse with my main wolf Cammer the Hammer. When last minute updates to the avalanche forecast put the kibosh on that, a quick phone call confirmed that Stuey B was ready and waiting to mobilize for a trip out to Maple Ridge to check out the Woodlot trails.

Neither of us had ever been out to the Woodlot previously and after a quick one-hour drive we were parking the Booky Van on the lower flanks of a bulging treasure chest of roots, rocks and dirt. The map I had found on Gutsploder indicated that it was a 45 min hike/bike up to the powerline where a number of the trails started from.

We started up the trail and after a few turns, I had as expected, gotten us lost. Fortunately we pulled up to the junction between Blood Donor and Giant Killer and due to the signed entrance to Giant Killer we were able to locate ourselves. We also ran into a friendly duo that was really helpful in recommending some fun trails to try with it being our first time there.

We opted for a hike up Blood Donor to preview the trail and then took a great rip down it sessioning some of the smaller jumps and missing all of the larger fare. The trail is really nice with some great jumps on it that we'll have to lift our game for when we go back again!

After that we rode Giant Killer and then rode over to check out Platinum based on our new friends' recommendation. It was amazing!! We both felt the majority of the features on the trail were a little over our heads (literally - haha) that day but also both agreed that it was a must-add to teh list of goals for the coming season!

After a solid run down Crazy Carpenter, Toad Stool, Bloggy Style and Shotgun we finally made it back to the Booky Van, packed 'er up and headed for home! what an awesome day and I can't wait to go back with some friends and hopefully hit some more of the amazing looking trails and features we saw.