Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Season in Recap

I just got inspired by my brothers Cam and Trev who have been actually updating their blogs so I'm going to do the same. I guess I'll summarize to some extent the DH biking season to date. This is a list of probably the biggest things to come of riding this year. Firstly I remember thinking pre season that I wouldn't be inclined to buy a season's pass for the Whistler Bike Park since I was more interested in travelling around a bit and seeing different parks and riding areas. Well, I did see a few different areas this year including Post Canyon in Hood River, Oregon and Silverstar in Vernon. What I've realized is that Whistler is an unbelievable riding area and we are luckier than we all know to have such a world class park in our backyard. I would love to get a bike park pass there next year as I think that's probably the only way I'll improve to where I want to be in the time I'll have to dedicate to it. Secondly, I think I did start riding a bit faster this year and I've definitely gotten somewhat more comfortable in the air which were both goals of mine coming into this season. Another goal I ticked off the list was to try out a few low-key races. I got up to Squamish for a few of the toonie races earlier in the season and it was really blast; I think I'll definitely sign up to do the series again next year. There's nothing like being counted in at the start line and then just going hellbent for leather when the clock starts! Apart from that I hit a few bigger jumps and other features but like always, there seems to be more left undone than wrapped up; but I guess that's a great way to leave any season as the former seems like it might be a recipe for boredom and an inevitable search for a new sport. Next weekend is the final weekend of riding up at the Whistler Bike Park and I must say I'm going to miss it, until next year. The nice thing is we still have at least a month of riding the Shore, the Woodlot and Squamish; surfing season is pretty well upon us; and you can all but hear the ski season laughing up in the high alpine as the temperatures drop and the autumn rains move in. So much to look forward to. So much to live for. This truly is west coast living at it's very finest and I know with the deepest conviction that I'm one lucky duck to be able to live it.

Here are a few photos from a few recent weekends up in the park.