Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last night Sizzle, Mart and I convened on the Northshore to try and get rad on some amazing DH trails on Mt. Fromme. It felt soooo good to be riding up through the forest at that time in the evening...for some reason with the sun coming into the woods from the west with the long shadows it feels so peaceful up there.

We rode hard to get up to the 7th switchback as quickly sa possible since we were on bit of time constraint for the evening. We decided to order Upper Oil Can for an appetizer and it was awesome! That trail is so stinkin' sick...the narrow planks to steep ladder bridge roll-downs get your heart in your mouth plenty of times and keep you begging for more even as you fire down the last section and air onto the road.

After short delibertion, we all settled on Espresso for the main course. This was Sizzle's and Mart's first time down this trail and it was all smiles all the way. Sizzle was riding insanely well, pushing himself as usual and sticking some of the harder stunts on the way.

At the bottom of Espresso we decided that for dessert we'd sample Lower Crippler. The wooden rollercoaster didn't disappoint and after tearing through the myriad of banked corners and small drops, we were at the road feeling immensely satisfied with our full course, after-work meal.

Driving home with the sun warming the west flanks of the Northshore mountains, we decided that there's nothing wrong with being on a permanent vacation...nope, nothing at all.

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