Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Whytecliff PB...

Last night I finished work and really felt like pushing out some Watts so I decided to ride out to Whytecliff and see if I could better my avg. speed of 31.3 km/h of my last attempt earlier this year.

I've been feeling a little slow and less fit lately as I haven't been fitting in the higher mileage weeks that I was earlier in the season prior to the Test of Metal race so I wasn't too sure how it would go.

Anyways, I got on my bike and started pedalling out to North Van. I kept the pace high but was spinning quite quickly to limit the energy I was putting into it early in teh ride before I was fully warmed up. Even with this, I could definitely feel my legs weren't feeling great by the time I hit the Lion's Gate bridge.

After about another 10 min. or so of riding though they seemed to be running a bit smoother so I began to add some more coal to the boiler and stoke the fire. I hit Whytecliff Park, rode around the loop and turned around, heading for home.

Coming back over the Lion's Gate bridge into Stanley Park the legs were burnin' but I stomped on the gas until the trip odometer registered 60 km completed. I checked my avg. speed and I had totally demolished my previous best. I ended up clocking in at 33.0 km/h!!! I was super psyched considering I didn't think I really had the fitness that I did 3 weeks ago but perhaps some rest after the Test of Metal has proven beneficial to my body.

The weekly crit was cancelled this week due to bad weather but I'm excited to race again next week and hopefully have it act as my debut with the Cat.3 boys. I'm also aiming to keep my fitness high since I'd like to race well in the Mt. Seymour Hill Climb on August 9th...we'll see though since more and more these days I'm getting really psyched on downhillin gon the Northshore and up at Whistler! Duh duh duuuuh....

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