Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Post of 2011

Hey folks, after a long hiatus I'm back...maybe I had writer's block, maybe I went into hibernation over the winter, or maybe I was too busy being too lazy to write. But who cares, that's the past and we're looking forward to an awesome season of riding!

I'll give a brief synopsis of what I've been up to since last fall. I rode my DH bike well into the season, only putting her back in the stable for R&R in early November. After that I got restless and purchased a climbing membership at the Edge 2 months earlier than I normally would. On one hand it was good since I had something to do right away, but on the other hand, I now haven't climbed in almost a month and a half and am stupendously weak as a result! But, when I think about it, that doesn't really matter because this year is going to be my year of MTB!

I've recently replaced my 2008 SX Trail that I was using as my DH bike with a 2010 Rocky Mountain Flatline World Cup that is absolutely deadly. Funny thing is, I spent about 3 hrs chatting last night with the genius that designed the Flatline...pretty cool opportunity. The goal is to really progress my riding skills this year and in doing so, take part in a few DH races for the fun of it.

I'm also hoping to be able to replace my XC bike that I sold last season with a 5" trail bike so I can do some big, epic trail rides this year and possibly try some Super-D races too.

Along with my riding goals, I'd really like to put in some effort to designing and building a trail somewhere locally. I'll have to look into the particulars that go along with it but I think it should be a great experience.

So here we are, a week and a half out from the first day of Spring, two days out from Daylight Savings Time starting up again and three days out from mid-week rips on the Northshore commencing again. I love Vancouver.

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