Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inaugural Ride

So I got out for my first MTB ride of 2011 on my new DH pony with Martin last night. We pedalled up Fromme (not entirely true as we spent a decent amount of time walking - har har) and hit a few laps of Bobsled, which didn't entirely suit the new ride, and a couple trips down 4-2 which most definitely did cater to the new pony. You can tell that thing just wants to Hopefully I can step up my skills to pilot it...

The snowline was high though, and I think after the forecast 5 days of sun and 11 deg temps, we're going to be ripping the 5th switch back trails next week. Bring on the summer Vancouver!

Peace love


  1. This isn't the time for biking this is climbing weather. Project sending time friend!

  2. Ha ha ha...oh yeah! Now I just need to get some muscles back to send!