Friday, March 25, 2011

Supernatural BC

This past week and weekend were pretty awesome in terms of getting out and proving why BC is the place to be.

After three days in a row of riding the Northshore trails on our DH bikes, I took a day of rest so we could get back out on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon saw a change of plans inspired by a flash of genius on Stu's part. Cypress had gotten 20+ cm's of fresh the previous night and instead of get out on our bikes again, why not go tour up Hollyburn Mtn for some fresh tracks after work under clear blue skies? I met Martin and Stu up at the Cypress Mtn ski area and we got in two great laps before the sun sank too low in the western sky. What an awesome afternoon/evening!

Wednesday we were back to our usual tricks and fired off a few laps on Fromme. For each ride, my goal this year is to try at least one new thing so that I constantly feel as though I'm progressing. So far this year has been pretty good and although some of the sections of trail that I'm clearing now aren't all that impressive, it's definitely building my confidence slowly but surely that I can tackle harder things this season. Some small but tricky drops, a few steeper rock faces...they all add up and sooner than later you'll find yourself sending things you never dreamed of doing.

Thursday I got out for a great 30 km road ride around Stanley Park with Sizzle, and after that we had a good workout up at the gym at UBC. My legs felt good on the ride and it felt good to use my upper body a bit more since having all but stopped climbing for the past two months.

A few days off saw Sunday come rolling along and Stu and I got out on Cypress. First lap we hit Conductor into Tall Cans since I wanted to show the latter to Stu and also have another look at the gap jump and rock drop. After another look and convincing myself I wouldn't smash my bars into either of the two trees guarding the entrance to the jump, I hit it and cleared it quite easily. One more time for posterity and to smooth it out a little and then it was into the rock drop. I had one look from above, told myself it wasn't so big and then hit that too. I was psyched! It was actually a decent size when you realized how far down the transition you land with the speed you carry off the lip, but it was also nice and buttery when you landed. So that was it; two new things plus a rock face I've always shied away from on 5th Horseman on the next lap. Not a bad haul for one day considering my goal quota of one new feature per ride. I guess the difficulty with that ambition comes in that as I tick off more and more of the moderately tough sections, it's only going to leave the captain insane-o stuff...oh boy.

Anyways, looks like another week of rain in Vancouver but luckily that doesn't stop you from riding bikes! Plans for the coming weekend include getting back on the skis to try and bag the infamous Garibaldi Neve Traverse up in the Squamish Backcountry...hopefully the Avi conditions are good and ol' Shaft and I can get 'er done!


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