Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Just a quick update...

Last night Stu, Erik and I got out for a nice ride in the beautiful weather that we've been so lucky to have all spring so far. It would seem that the May flowers don't actually need the April showers after all...

The plan was to climb Cypress and then finish with Whytecliff. We hit Cypress and slowly ramped it up with Erik putting in a superb showing for the limited miles he's spent on his road bike thus far in the 2009 season. Nice work Erik!

After rounding the second switchback and Stu calling out some encouragement, we started punching it up the second to last straightaway. It was at this point that I had to accuse Stu of arson becaused my legs were torched. I was panting for breath as he was casually experimenting with seating position and asking me really great questions that went sort of like this:

Stu: "Hey Fras, where are you on your seat?"

Fras: "Uhhh...gasp, gasp...ummm, in the middle?...gasp!"

Stu: "Oh interesting...I find I can get more power when I'm further back."

Fras: "....pant...cool...gasp, cough, gasp..."

All of this was followed by Stu calmly raising the pace one notch higher...har har har.

That was the hardest climb I've done so far this year so that was awesome. On our way back we busted out to Whytecliff and back keeping the pace relatively high and both sprinting hard for Ambleside on the way home. Total mileage: 95 km...nice ride boys!

Rest day today and much needed...looking forward to hanging with my sweety.

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