Tuesday, April 7, 2009


KC and I got out for a quick 45 km rip through Stanley Park yesterday and it was definitely the warmest weather of the year in which I've gotten out for a road ride. So nice!! I actually had to peel off my arm warmers and gloves on our second lap...nice to feel the wind rather than being all bundled up in the 15 layers of lycra that I've gotten used to so far this spring.

So tomorrow is the day...I finally get to see inside my shoulder and figure out why it's being so darn difficult. I'm scheduled to go the VGH at 2:30 for a diagnostic ultrasound. From my limited knowledge, I understand that ultrasonic imaging is not quite as clear as magnetic resonance imaging, but hopefully it will tell the story with enough detail that I don't have to get back in line for an MRI.

All I know is that T-bone Malone is riding Lower Seymour trails this afternoon and I'm super jealous. Sunny, not a cloud in the sky, 11C and world class mountain bike trails 30 minutes away from our doorsteps; but one of many reasons why Vancouver's the place to be.

I'll post whatever I find out about my shoulder tomorrow evening, but tonight I ride. The long awaited reunion with John "the Savage" Markez who has been systematically ripping apart the Vancouver cycling scene over the past month takes place this afternoon. The plan is to ride out to Deep Cove and then back across to Whytecliff Park...I'm feeling pretty gassed so far today and Markezzy informed me earlier point blank that I'm pulling the whole ride. How would you like to look behind you for 3.5 hours and see the monster in the center of the photo below bearing his teeth....har har har, we'll see how it goes...

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