Friday, April 17, 2009

Free and Clear

Okey doke, sorry I missed a few days there but I've got some good updates! My ultrasound report was sent to my doctor's office on wednesday but apparently she wasn't going to have it reviewed until Friday, and on top of that they wanted me to book an appointment so she could read one paragraph to me; ummm, no. Carla to the rescue...using the pull that my wife has as a doctor, Car's receptionist filed a request for the report to be faxed to her office and voila, Fraso has his report!

Prognosis: All tendons and muscles are free of tears, no swelling of the bursa, no signs of impingement and no indications of damage to posterior labrum! BaBOOM!!! Couldn't be better news however; it still leaves me wondering what the heck happened in there to evoke such discomfort for almost 6 weeks now? I think we're sticking to the story that it was simply quite a serious strain. There has been definite improvement and I'm hoping against hope that I can back climbing again with the gang by early May. I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do also because it sounds like the fellas (Tim and Matt) are crushing the granite up in Squamish lately!

Ok, so the other update was about the riding I've been doing. On Wednesday after work Stu, Kyle and I piled into Stu's truck and headed for the Northshore for some xc mountain biking over on Seymour. Enter the forces of we got to Denman St. and were approaching the Lion's Gate bridge a cyclist pedalled by and mentioned that the bridge was in fact closed. Upon further investigation (read: listening to the radio - har har har) we discovered that a tree had fallen across the causeway through Stanley Park and all lanes in both directions were closed. After waiting for about 40 minutes we pulled the plug and headed back to Kits where we went for a rip through the University Endowment Lands and Pacific Spirit Park. Stu knows his way around the trails up there quite well from having trained for his Ironman Triathlon in those trails so it was fun having a good trail guide!

Now onto Thursday evening...the cursory email went out to round up all available troops at midday but due to circumstance it ended up that only KC and I made it to the frontlines. Objective: Cypress! Long story short, it was a 94 km ride punctuated with a 12 km climb and was amazing even though neither of us ate or drank enough and felt pretty gassed by the end.

I've been keeping track of the distances I ride and so far this season I've put 1560 km on my road bike...not too bad for a rock climber!

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