Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vitamin D

Vancouverites are getting slammed with an overdose of Vitamin D today. I rode to my good friend Ty's clinic this morning for a shoulder treatment and as soon as I got into the sun I had an ear to ear grin on my face for the whole ride...Amazing!

The update for my shoulder is that I saw my GP again yesterday and she will be referring me for an MRI that will hopefully tell more of the story, and will hopefully get scheduled in the not-too distant future. I still have a reasonable amount of pain however Car has begun performing ART on the affected areas so hopefully that will begin to speed recovery.

Apart from that, riding has been going well. I took last night off as I was feeling pretty tired still from Monday night's climb up Seymour and I think it helped as my legs felt super fresh this morning on my way to work. I also purchased my 2009 road racing license last night, and the first UBC Tuesday nighter starts on May 5th (I think) so I'm really looking forward to those.

I think that I'm going to start organizing my training to some extent where in one week I'll do one major climb (Seymour or Cypress), one long ride (>= 100km), one shorter (30 to 60 km)speed workout (Whytecliff speed run, Stanley Park or UBC hill intervals, or Tuesday night crit race etc.) and one hard mtb ride.

Tonight I'll make the blast out to Whytecliff unless a better option presents itself...