Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rest days are the best days

Yesterday was a much needed rest day from 6 days in a row of riding over 350 km, not including the 4 hr blitz through Squamish single track on our mounatin bikes on Saturday.

Today on the ride in to work my legs felt pretty good so I'm really looking forward to tonight's ride: another ascent of Mt. Seymour!'s definitely going to be a sufferfest as Martin and Stu are in for sure and the line has been cast out to Markezzy. We'll see if he bites. He's preparing right now for a huge race across Slovenia, his motherland, where he'll race non-stop across the country for likely around 40 hours straight...gah?!

Anyways, we'll see how it goes since I'll be looking to beat my previous time of 49 min. and will have a couple greyhounds to drive the pace.

Enjoy the weather out there today...first day of the year where I rode in to work with no vest or jacket; Amazing! Summer's coming...

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