Monday, April 27, 2009

Cappuccino vs. Scotch

On my 9 year quest to become a thoroughbred Italian, I've never felt so close as I did this past weekend. Some background; I never drink coffee, and frankly don't enjoy the taste of it at all. To me a cup of coffee is like a glass of fine scotch: everyone seems to love it but you don't know why, because it tastes funny and definitely does not get smoother the more you drink! ;)

That being said, no guts no glory; so Friday evening I came out of the gates with all guns firing and downed a double espresso with Markezzy while we enjoyed the twilight views north from Horseshoe Bay. Not wanting my espresso debut to be a one hit wonder, I followed up with a well-timed cappuccino on the Steveston waterfront. So that's why I'm feeling pleased as punch with my "viva italia" display of spirit this weekend, and it also brings me to recount Sunday's excellent adventure.

The ponies were saddled up at 12:30 at the Bookbinder Ranch and off we went for a brisk afternoon trot. Representing the gentlemen were Ty, Stu and myself. The ladies came through with a lovely contingent comprising Justine, Amy, Tam and Car. Justine steered us through Richmond without incident and then we were onto the beautiful, quiet roads heading to Steveston.

We made the stop for the ladies' obligatory treat and then began the soft-pedal back to Kits when BAM! Bookie was off the front as Tam's domestique. Tam obviously felt she had the legs to win the intermediate sprint and told Stu to dig in. Stu, knowing better than to contest, buried the hatchet and it was go-time! Luckily I had Ty with me to share the work and we neutralized the attack with some effort.

Up the road we ran into some damsels in distress who were looking somewhat befuddled with one of their bike wheels in their hands and scratching their heads. I seized the opportuniy to demonstate my chivalry, and offered a hand. A moment later I had quickly and effortlessly overfilled and exploded the new tube, wasted their only CO2 cartridge and wished them well with their new, equally difficult but somewhat different situation! To my utter disbelief, these events somehow prompted one of the girls to smile, offer me her hand and inform me her name was Kat. Inside my head: "What the?! Excellent work Mr. Charles; although you've just confirmed you're an idiot, it would appear you've still got it ma' man!" Har har har...

After getting the Glottman-Simpson squad sorted we wished them well and then hammered to reel back the girls who had managed to sneak away in the midst of the mayhem.

After the ride was finished, that evening Stu and Tam invited everyone over for an amazing BBQ which was super fun and an excellent way to cap a perfect weekend. A huge thanks to Tam and Stu for generously opening their doors and hosting as they always seem to do...cheers guys!


  1. (Offering my hand). "Hello, my name is Beno."

  2. Har har, super funny! Nice job on the exploding tube!