Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ultrasound down, rehab to go

I went to VGH yesterday afternoon with Car and got my ultrasound taken care of by a friendly kiwi lady. I found it really amazing at how clear the image was on the screen, and how I could see the fibrous tendons sliding back and forth as she pressed and manouvered the probe around my shoulder. Pretty crazy to think you can see inside your body without actually being inside your body.

Unfortunately due to the Sonographers Code of Ethics, she wasn't able to give me a diagnosis so I'm forced to wait for one more week until the radiologist forwards the report to my referring physician, who will then hit me with some deets...'bout time!!

Last night I took a rest day as my legs have been feeling pretty tired and heavy since the weekend. I think I've been riding a lot and maybe not getting enough sleep each night to fully recover so this coming long weekend will be filled with easy riding and early nights.

The night before though I did get out for an easy spin with KC and Markez out to Horseshoe Bay. It became the first "Molto Bene" ride for which we developed the following criteria: the ride has to end at sunset so you can enjoy the beautiful view, conversation must take place for at least 90% of the time and should at some point cover Italian cuisine, you can never feel like your actually trying to ride hard and you should preferrably stop for espresso somewhere along the way and finsh with an excellent pizza pie. Ahhhhh, molto bene!

The last thing I wanted to mention is that there is the possibility of a new steed on the horizon...I'll leave it at that for now.


  1. Ha ha, I like the molto bene ride! If anyone attacks off the front, everyone else in the group has to yell "Piano, piano!" which means "chill out" in Italiano. Then, when it is gruppo compatto again, send the offending rider back to the team car to bring up some more hair gel.

  2. Ha ha ha...good strategy Max! We'll do a molto bene ride next time you're up and have a Nat's pizza pie...