Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mountains out of mole hills

Last night after work I really wanted to do my first climb of Mt. Setmour on my road bike...circumstances dictated that only one other man was able to saddle up beside me, and it was none other than Sizzle!

Unbelievable! This guy is on the fritz with a chest cold, didn't sleep more than four hours the previous night and then calls me at 3:00pm telling me that he can't let this one get away and he'll meet me at 4:15 sharp because he can't afford to miss yoga at 7:00pm?! Who is this guy!

We peeled out of Kits exchanging the usual banter and after about an hour, found ourselves ramping up the rpm's heading out towards Deep Cove on the Dollarton Hwy.

Elapsed time:
1 hr 09 min; hit Mt. Seymour Rd. and swing right to begin the climb.

1 hr 11 min; get lighter and water the local flora at the same time. Start the climb.

1 hr 15 min; remember why Seymour is way harder then Cypress as we get slapped in the face by the steep first pitch.

1 hr 52 min; legs are about to fall off but I just pounded through the last switchback...gotta beat 50 minutes!

2 hr 0 min; cross the line at the summit at 49:08...catch my breath and watch Sizzle storm up the final straight to clock in at 53:06. That's really fast for his first time ever climbing this mole hill.

3 hr 30 min; Back in Kits, limp down to the water with my lovely wife and a delicious plate of greek food to watch the sunset.

What a night...I love Vancouver.

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