Friday, April 3, 2009

North Van Hills Ride

Last night I did an awesome 70 km bike ride with Martin and Kyle. Kyle and I left Kits, rode through Stanley Park and over the Lion's Gate Bridge, and then met up with Martin at teh North Van MEC store.

From there we rode to Deep Cove and then circled back along Seymour Pkwy and then the real climbing began. First up is a short grind up Mountain highway before peeling off left onto Arborlynn Rd. After that you end up climbing this vicious beast towards Lynn Canyon and it's all you can do to stomp on the pedals to turn them over in your granny ring and big cassette. Luckily I had Martin breathing down my neck to keep me pushing, otherwise I think I would have fallen over and had a heart attack. I don't think any pump (let alone your heart) was ever built to work that hard!

Some more short climbs end up leading to the piece de resistance: Dempsey Rd. The climb that keeps on climbing; Dempsey starts out steep, is steep through the middle, and ends steep. Kyle's calves starting spazzing out at this point but he fought valiantly on to finish the last two climbs: Lonsdale and Prospect.

It was awesome to get out with two great friends and the finish of that ride marked my 240th km of biking this week so far. I'm hoping to do a longer ride this weekend also so it will end up being my biggest week to date of 2009...

I'm also looking forward to start climbing Mt. Seymour for the Test of Metal training that worked well last year. Hopefully Vancouver wather warms up soon and the fun can begin!!

Enjoy the sunshine today, and TGIF!

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