Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Weekend part 2

So KC and I did the ride and it was awesome!! Kyle rode amazing considering he hasn't been riding a huge amount...this was his also his first 100+ km ride. We ended up doing my brother Trev's North Van Hills route and then into the Whytecliff ride for a total of 106 km and 4 hrs in the saddle. The weather was perfect although it doesn't really look so for tomorrow...

I think tomorrow maybe if I have the legs I'll ride my hardtail mtn. bike over to Seymour to explore some of the lower trails that I haven't ridden yet...should be awesome. Also as a point of interest MEC recycles bicycle tires when you're finished with them as well as tubes that can't be patched

Ok, so on my way back from MEC dropping off my worn out bike tires and busted tube, I stopped pedalling for a moment to take some snaps to showcase how awesome the trees look right now. I guess this is more for people who don't live here...enjoy!


  1. Nice Photos. We missed you in the boulders today. It was freaking awesome in there and had the best time ever. Though it could have been even better if you were there. :)

  2. Thanks for the amazing photos! Can't believe the blossoms, speaking from chill Ontario!

  3. Thanks Matt, I can't wait to get out with you guys again soon! I think I may join you soon just to hang out even if my shoulder isn't ready yet...