Monday, April 6, 2009

Lower Seymour, sunshine and the fastest man alive

Sunday morning dawned a carbon copy of Saturday: blue sky perfection with a forecast high of 16C. Tentative plans had been made the previous day to get in a trail ride today with Lower Seymour and Bunsen Lake being shortlisted as potential destinations.

There were a few events going on Saturday night that threatened to derail even the best-laid plans, but fortunately there is one other person in Vancouver that apparently likes to go to bed early as much as me. Rumour has it that Stu Bookbinder had left the soiree and was in his truck with his trusty pooch trying to catch some shut-eye no later than 10:00 pm. Well done! Even I didn't manage that and hope that one day Stu can impart some of his legendary knowledge onto me on how to pull a runner.

Anyways, plans got sorted, the wheat was separated from the chaff and mid day found Stu and I blazing over to Lower Seymour for the flavour du jour.

The trails were in impeccable condition with very few wet spots and we rode the Bridle Path trail from the Riverside Dr. trail head out to Old Buck. At Old Buck I thought I would strike a convo up with a fella on a big Foes DH bike but from his obvious lack of interest in our greeting I realized he wasn't overly extroverted and probably allergic to Stu's and my spandex get-ups. We took off back along the Bridle Path and then chose to finish off with an excellent trail called Bottletop which brought us back down to Seymour Creek and the Fisherman's Trail.

All in all, an amazing time spent riding in what is surely one of the most stunning settings in all of Canada! There was one downside however; Monday morning I realized the wicked pace Stu was burning through the forest at was a touch heavy on my shoulder so I'll probably revert back to just road riding for a few more weeks.

One last thing; when we rode Bottletop, it brought us to the last section of the Northshore classic called Ned's Atomic Dustbin which got me really psyched on riding those trails again this year! Since I can't ride DH yet because of my shoulder, I thought I would celebrate by watching this insane video of Sam Hill. If you appreciate DH racing then this will blow your mind...also pay specific attention to the chaos that is the announcers, they're hilarious...


  1. Dude I went to the Australian Down Hill Championships two years ago. Nathan Remmy and Sam Hill were off the chain! Check out the movie "Earth".

  2. Unreal...there's one other I'll post this week that's just as jaw-dropping. Good job on the V7 project this weekend Matt!