Monday, April 20, 2009

Test of Metal preview

This weekend was a little more low key with only one real main event planned. Saturday morning the phones started ringing and by 10am we had five of us (myself, Martin, KC, Tyrone and Ricky Bobby) heading northbound for the Land of Milk and Honey; Awesome!!!

This would be my first trip back to Squamish since hurting my shoulder about six weeks ago now. The plan was to ride the Test of Metal course, or at least as much as possible with the present snow conditions at higher elevations.

This was both KC's and Ty's first expedition through the Test of Metal race course and they both rode really well with KC bearing his teeth on his old and undersized hardtail, and Ty clearly demonstrating exactly why he's known around the GVRD as the "up and comer".

The ride of the day incontestably went to Martin as time and again he was off the front flying through the turns and in particular must have literally been floating down the Powerhouse plunge as the only time we saw him was when he graciously stopped to let us all catch up! Nice work MC!

Anyways, we all finished intact (some more than others) and celebrated our completion of the ride with some barley sandwiches back at the parking lot, thoughtfully supplied by Ty.

Sunday was a rest day with the intent being to freshen up the legs for a mad assault on Mt. Seymour today after work under sunny skies and 17C! Hope everyone had a great weekend and I'll let you know how tonight's ride goes. I'll be setting my benchmark time for this season and am hoping that it is under 50 min...hopefully I can wrangle Markezzy and Martin into it since my main man KC is feeling a bit under the weather today. Feel better Sizzle!

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