Friday, April 24, 2009

Molto Bene

So this week ended up rounding out quite nicely with some great rides; one solo endeavour and one team effort.

Thursday after work I decided that I would try and do the ride out to Whytecliff Park and back in a time trial format where I would would just try and give it everything for the whole ride and see wht kind of speed I could average by the end of 60 km. All last year I had not been able to make an average of 30 km/h except for once near the end of the season where I surprised myself and had a "superman" ride and busted out 31.5 km/h. Well last night I went for it for the first time this season and nailed 31.1 km/h so I was proper psyched with that. The UBC Tuesday night crits start in about 11 days so I'm pretty excited to see where my fitness is at in a good race scenario.

Anyways, tonight the goal was to do a 100 km ride and my great friend Markez showed up to escort me through it. It was 103 km and 3 hrs 58 min of super fun; we went easy enough to afford conversation an dgood laughs for almost 4 hours, hard enough that my legs were shot by the end, and took a break in Horseshoe Bay just long enough for me to experience my first double espresso...MOLTO BENE!!!

Hopefully my legs aren't too burned by tomorrow morning as we've got a super moutain bike ride planned for up in Squamish tomorrow. Stu's house at 8:50am there or the train leaves Kits withoutcha!

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